Cancerous Cyst

Cancerous Cyst

What is the difference between a cancerous lump and a cyst?

What is the difference between a cancerous lump and a cyst?
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A cyst is not malignant as cancer. A cyst is a closed sac having a distinct membrane and division on the surrounding tissues. It may contain air, fluids, or semi-solid. A collection of pus called an abscess, not a cyst. Once formed, a cyst may disappear by itself or can be removed by surgery.

A cyst is just a bacterial infection, like a patch or button

Cancer is uncontrolled growth of tissue.
It may stop and not interfere with other surrounding tissues in this case, it is benign.
Where can continue to grow and to intervene, then later spread to other parts of the body in which case it is clever.
A cyst is a sac inside of a fluid, air or other tissues usually caused by a blockage. Very rarely, the content is a cancerous tumor.

A cyst is usually only unsightly while a cancerous mass will cause secondary cancers if left untreated. Secondaries may be in vital organs and life-threatening.

An abscess can get rid of with antibiotics. A cyst is noting to worry, they are not malignant, they can be the size of a pea or an egg and must be removed surgically. The just do not go, I had two removed. Cancer is a ball game altogether different, some can be treated and others not.

one piece is a general term, existing only in English to denote an indefinite growth in our body, made of material more or less fluid, enclosed in a membrane more or less solid, if cancer is found, it means that the biopsy has already been done and whether the adenoma has become a cancer or a malignant tumor or cancer.
cyst (Old Greek "cysts" = bag, poach, bladder or urinary bladder etc.), is a more scientific term medical, generally used to define a benign mass or non-cancerous growth and rarely turns into cancer.



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