Corporate Health Screenings

Corporate Health Screenings

Ounce of Prevention is the place to turn for highly qualified and affordable Corporate Health Screenings in Dayton, OH. We provide a wide array of screenings to keep employer expenses down and employee productivity up! We do all of this after prices that simply cannot be beat!

Increasing numbers of companies set aside a day or week to inform employees about the importance of living a healthier lifestyle. Nutrition, exercise, and health screenings all come into play. The healthier a workforce is, the more a company can save money on insurance, sick pay, temporary help, and other types of expenses. Our Mobile services fit the bill!

Workplace health is at the forefront of news lately. It plays a key factor in profitability, productivity, and morale. Company owners love our Preventative Screenings and use them as Health Checks. Every session fits into any company''s schedule and budget. Many companies keep copies of the results in employee files. These records can come in very handy during employee review time or when investigating worker''s compensation claims.

We like to inform others that our corporate health screenings are wonderful as business tax deductions. Talk with an accountant for more information about the deduction. Many corporate clients set aside a specific slot of time to allow employees the chance to have a screening. The company schedules a time slot with our trained professionals. It is an ideal and convenient way to lower sick pay costs while improving productivity.

The corporate health screenings offered by our trained experts at Ounce of Prevention provide many benefits to companies in the Dayton, OH area.

Find out more by contacting us sooner than later! Workplace health and success depend on it!

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