EPA’s Balancing Act healthy when wet

EPA’s Balancing Act  healthy when wet

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A Balance Between Lives and Money

The EPA knows about the toxins and they do their best to set limits to keep us safe.  Check out the EPA’s web page that discusses these contaminates. Unfortunately they are faced with a virtually un-winnable situation. They have to balance lives with money. Ultimately, the best standard for water is toxin free, but actual results show the EPA regulates only 91 of the 60,000 synthetic chemicals that are in our environment. Faced with a complex web of varying interests, the EPA has declined to regulate the 138 chemicals they have reviewed since 1996.

People who are familiar with the situation suggest we have reason to be concerned. Consider the following perspectives.

“People don’t understand that just because water is technically legal, it can still present health risks.”

-Dr. Parekh, Director of Water Quality Division for Los Angeles

“Drinking water plants are old and out of date, and water supplies are increasingly threatened by and contaminated by chemicals and microorganisms.”

“The way we guarantee safe drinking water is broken and needs to be fixed.”

“In Philadelphia, the water department has not informed the 1.5 million users that traces of 56 pharmaceuticals or their byproducts like the active ingredients in drugs to treat depression, anxiety, high cholesterol, fever and pain have been detected in the drinking water, and that sixty-three pharmaceuticals or byproducts had been found in the city’s source watersheds.”

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