Tips For A Healthy Life Style

Tips For A Healthy Life Style

In today’s world filled with stress, pollution and diseases, the need for maintaining good health has gained supreme importance in our lives. No matter how rich or how successful you are in your profession, loss of health means losing everything. This calls for a need of healthy lifestyle which helps you not only to stay fit, but also to be free from many diseases in the long run.

Good health and sound mind also help you perform better at work. Here are some tips you can follow for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

1. Sound Sleep:

Ensure that you get plenty of sleep – which is a minimum of 7 hours per day for adults. Maintaining a strict pattern of sleeping by 10 in the night and getting up by 5 in the morning keeps you fresh all day and helps you cope up with work pressure. Lack of sleep also causes migraine and affects the digestion of food.

2. Controlled Diet:

It is not always possible to avoid baked and junk foods, but stay away from them as much as you can. Decrease the consumption of oil, cheese, butter and replace your cooking oil with olive oil. Whenever hunger strikes at your workplace, have some nuts and fruits instead of gobbling on a candy bar. Eat plenty of berries and dry fruits as they give your body maximum quantity of anti-oxidants that help avoiding heart attacks and cancers. Also, eat plenty of fiber-rich foods like oats and drink fruit as well vegetable juices.

3. Re-Hydrate Your Body Frequently:

The very basic tip for staying in perfect health is drinking no less than 10 glasses of water everyday. Water purifies your body by sending out the toxins through urine and sweat. So, at all costs, do not deprive your body of this precious fluid. It is better to start the day with a glass of water soon after brushing your teeth.

4. Exercise Regularly:

Exercising does not only mean to hit gym to put on some muscle. Jog for at least 30 minutes every morning. It will keep your muscles flexible and your mind focused. It is must if your job needs you to sit all day.

5. Quit Smoking:

Quitting smoking takes months of determination. The simple way to do it is that every time you go for a smoke, think about all the toxins that you are pumping into your lungs and how they will be carried to different parts of your body through blood. If you cannot quit smoking by yourself, seek professional help of a doctor – preferably a psychiatrist.

6. Keep a Check on Your Drinking Levels:

Spending the Saturday nights boozing along with your friends is no harm, but alcohol consumption on a regular basic damages your liver and increases the risk of heart attacks in the long run. So, keep a check on your drinking habits. Do not pull a cork unless you are in a gathering or at a party.

7. Organic Food:

Most of the fruits and vegetables cultivated in the farms are grown with chemical manures and pesticides. They are direct poison and have the potential to make you sick over some time. So, do not mind spending a little extra money for buying organic vegetables that are grown using natural manures only.

The above tips, when followed without fail, keep you in perfect health. Also, get a complete health check up every six months. It is a idea to avail government benefits like European Health Card that brings down your medical bills in case you fall sick.

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