Your Mindset Affects Overspending!

Your Mindset Affects Overspending!

What painful feelings are you harboring that they are capable of putting you on an overspending frenzy leading to a path of self-destruction? Maybe you see yourself as inadequate as a mom, a wife, a dad, a husband or whatever role(s) you fill in this lifetime. It could be you are fearful that the true you isn’t accepted anymore.

When you have a spending addiction, what you’re really trying to “purchase” is to be liked and accepted by others. You no longer want to be devoured by self doubt as well as self disappointment.

As you are out there shopping around, there is a huge emotional hole within you that is close to feeling fulfilled, even if it is temporary, it feels awesome!

One of the major elements of addictive behavior is very strong self-denial. In order for you to determine whether you are able to tolerate your spending addiction, you need to take time to yourself to do a unsparingly truthful “inspection” of your spending habits:

  • First, what feelings of insecurity your spending habits try to cover.
  • How much and how frequently you spend.
  • What harmful effects your spending is having on your bank account.
  • How is your spending affecting your career.
  • and… What about the effect it has on your loved ones, even your own personal life.

After you complete this exercise of self evaluation you may realize you do in fact have an addiction, this is the very first step in the recovery process – admitting there’s a problem. Depending on the seriousness of your addiction it may be in your best interest to confer with a specialist.

Now that you are no longer in denial about your situation, you need to believe addictive conduct is treatable. Therapy can help to put a stop to how your overspending is taking over your life. It can be the new way in guiding you to the way of acquiring fresh coping skills which will allow you to claim the invaluable gift of true happiness and self respect.

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